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Awesome Book Of Bible Comics, The Silverthrone, Sandy

Awesome Book Of Bible Comics, The Silverthrone, Sandy


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Bible stories can be seriously awesome! The Awesome Book of Bible Comics wonderfully illustrates many of the most popular stories from the Bible--and that's a pretty sweet deal, because you do not want to miss out on what's happening in this important book.

See how Noah escaped becoming fish food; how David managed to go head to head with a pretty big bully and win; how a few guys who stuck to their faith got out of a hot situation; and how a little baby boy became the world's biggest superstar overnight.

These stories and others are told in a way that's fun to read and experience! The Awesome Book of Bible Comics is a neat way to see the Bible in action. Inside are over 25 stories about heroes (and sometimes villains) of the Bible and how God showed His love and faithfulness through all their adventures